Freedom of Fascination

Walking through the bazaar alley
through smoke of mid-day's roasts
and sting of spice
& droning of drum,
sweat of toil

He was struck by the desert imp
again, waves propagating, chiming
visions stirring before the eye

of Within;

Unfurling theatre of What-then;
a geni's carpet, reality-woven
to carry the gaze
unto her, mirror'd memory,

painting with light

shimmering representations
of the poets' own stirring
serpent of fortuitous fire:

that which falls into the infinite
plunging deeper, always deeper
into the heart,

Within descent
the interlock rising

unity of intent & vision
collide in the art, contradiction
become contrast

And the abiding vision
of symmetrical perfection
that did slay
and stir unto mockers

Did awaken and Push
the slumbering driver
as the coach near'd the cliff...

Thus was the tale of Hugo the Hypnogogic.

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