Freedom of Fascination

Walking through the bazaar alley
through smoke of mid-day's roasts
and sting of spice
& droning of drum,
sweat of toil

He was struck by the desert imp
again, waves propagating, chiming
visions stirring before the eye

of Within;

Unfurling theatre of What-then;
a geni's carpet, reality-woven
to carry the gaze
unto her, mirror'd memory,

painting with light

shimmering representations
of the poets' own stirring
serpent of fortuitous fire:

that which falls into the infinite
plunging deeper, always deeper
into the heart,

Within descent
the interlock rising

unity of intent & vision
collide in the art, contradiction
become contrast

And the abiding vision
of symmetrical perfection
that did slay
and stir unto mockers

Did awaken and Push
the slumbering driver
as the coach near'd the cliff...

Thus was the tale of Hugo the Hypnogogic.


Cinematic Pleasures of Epiphany

Washed upon the shores of past earth,
I came upon the low house in sand.
Therein, shelter, darkness.

Light within to see
the word written within bone
and nerve, breath moving
the frames, building
a charge of years.

Swelling with divided unions,
I came upon the sunrise afar.
Burnt star collapsing within
that low house, pulling everything

to the center,

focused, beaming,
emitting signals
not heard before.

Yet rotation of realms
about the fixed center (it too moved)

resolved the creativity of speakers
and painters upon the street, coming forth
to articulate

a genuine eidolon.

The Rune Reading in Autumn's Red

Turning, light and rush
of liquid memory caught in
my summer's end, the glances of eye
brushing with gentle lash upon the skin
of the book's pages.

Color of wheat in autumn's rain
tinges the vision, the writer of listings
listing in the seat, in vibrato of the chanting, rolling

tongues and parting lips
meeting in permutational interlock
and release, spilling the icons of action
upon the skin

of the book's pages.

From leaves coiled in leather
arises word in thought's smoke,
turning, 'volving and slipping
in upon itself and out, spreading

into voids-between

Inhaled in the upshoot,
fitting key & lock in nerves'
endless branches, alighting fires
upon the grey-floor of the ancient bonework;

The air becomes electric laughter, rising.

The View of Earth & Sol from the ISS, Nov. 22


On Navigation

Over red-iron mountains of wrought age
through tangled weed of million-years,

the mover glides and falls some.

Looking at the span
of possible permutation,
experience of other
is of utmost sacrament, no time
or space for anything less;

Choosing the collection of ports,

there are Universal Gates
to consider... each
working in context
of the individual's
unique permutations,

And thus openings create

lines of chosen action,
bifurcating, exponential,

and very possibly
aligned with the free-fall of

The mover dips and glides,
leaps and looms,
gallops, dancing,

and falls some.


Iris Unfurl

Allure through open windows drew
forth the eyes,
heavy with sand and rain
from the nights' storms;

scented wind, of dew and ion
washed within and over,
spaces without four walls.

Time, passage
through rough hewn tunnels
of memory and motion, accumulated
gestures soon called the heavy eyes

with shade
and echoes,
and primal.

To the symposium to be supposed
were not all present, but suggested;
suggestive of the internal
where union is clean, well adjusted;

An old scribe notes
and compiles, sure and ready
in communion with the regency
of enacted trials.

The work proceeds
with letters to write
and temples to quarry;
Beloved to be honoured!