Aura of Change

I sought the remedy,
and it came without sound.

Quickly, presenting a picture
of what needed
to be done.

Overwhelming tasks
are accomplished in

One, then two,
then infinitely more
to come and

each step, dissolution
and reformulation.

I let the shades drop
one by two, allowance
of new form
through and

edging closer
to the crowning acheivement,
a new grave being dug for passing
fragements of what I could have

Letting them flow,
letting them go,
letting them fly
unto clouds of thought
which change in the wind.

I am blown away.

Mortality of Thought

smooth mountain rising in my dream,
what tales do you bring?

Removed of fir, creatre, and spring,
your stone rises without life.

I dreamt of bulging earth tonight,
without life within or without;

There are few days left to count...