Crystalline Quiver

Silver ebb, herald of coming lux,
shimmering drafts upon me

Indigo seeds planted by Moon
ripened by Holly, an' goatweed
in bloom.

I tasted of the moonstone's wine,
and it brought forth the Dawn.

Saturn's Guffaw

Hematite drips from my pen
In close quarters of symmetry

The eye catches rough,
Rough shades of charring

Through a paper, caught
Momentarily dry, with sunspots
The words finally come.


Vulcan Inspiration

Coiled dances unfurl in the twilight's drift; the sediment
of being, layered pressures of the ages coalesced in nerve & bone,
spinning, spinning about the gyr;
a stone that is loosened mineral
and water, the body of me
a burning stone in the moonlight.

Such a stoney-thick mantle, my thoughts!
The echoes of cavern & fold, crushed in accumulation,
fulfilling necessity above. But O! I drift,

at least on the surface. Below the sea of fire dips and dives
anon, wiley rivers of liquid light, carving the serpent-tunnels
of brain & heart (ever ever between)

And the hum,
sweet drum! Curving rains in the spiced air, thrown
from high, that which was rushing below. And two were coiled in one,

for the depths ran quick with the rubbing of bodies,
plates of personae above, vibrating as they slid upon & below
one another, tectonic

pressure released,
healing forth, energetics of suns
anointing the air with ash and ember,

and I am touched with sky,
wavicles of charge, awaiting,

Though worlds be tossed in my birth,
mine own is but the buddling of one more
dawn of lightning... to the west, mine eye,
the heart, imagination sails --

letting the eruption-azure rain its
blessings upon the land.