Saturn's Guffaw

Hematite drips from my pen
In close quarters of symmetry

The eye catches rough,
Rough shades of charring

Through a paper, caught
Momentarily dry, with sunspots
The words finally come.


  1. I know one should probably never ask a poet what he writes about....but whats it about?


  2. This poet will always welcome curiosity! Of course, the wisdom you spoke does underscore the fact that my replies might be just more poetry :}

    Saturn guffaws -- an image of bellowing laughter by something larger than the marketplace human mind. It is the gravity of understanding.

    The series of images is meant to invoke the eventual triumph of the creative spirit through the leaden-seeming trials of expression.

    Intimacy with beauty, the 'close quarters of symmetry,' is the eye open to light. Yet there is -- in this case -- interference in the lenses of perception, the crystalline symmetries of sound & light here were roughly caught burnt and charred, a rough paste instead of liquid light. This is a device to illustrate the viscosity of sticky thoughts.

    Yet, through a paper. Paper is pulp of growth processed into a flat, dry plane. a background upon which hematite -- a reference to primordial solidification of wisdom -- drips. This paper/background is the medium of vision, and through patient application of magick, the words come.

    It is about the blissful ordeal of expressing divine love. Not ordeal as in an annoying pain in the arse, but as in holy struggle, a sacred operation, a sanctified effort.

    It is the triumph of love through challenges.